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Welcome to Station: Modular, the modular space station project!

This game is my entry to the Ludum Dare #34, with the tied theme of 'Growing' and '2 Button Control' (though I only used the 'Growing' theme). The objective of the game is to make the largest profit by building add-ons to your space station to earn even more credits!

Ludum Dare link:


Left Mouse Button- Interact

Right Mouse Button + Drag- rotate camera

Mouse Wheel -Zoom in/out

Spacebar- reset camera rotation and zoom

All of the assets, including models and sound, were made by myself. Built using Unity 5.3.0f4, Blender 2.76b, Paint.net and Famitracker.


StationModularVer1.0Win.zip 45 MB
StationModularVer1.0Source.zip 8 MB


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FYI, I played this game on my weekly random-free-Itch-game show: https://youtu.be/aN6mVsrk89Q