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IMPORTANT: The web player version of this game does not work on Google Chrome, as it uses Unity Web Player, which Google Chrome no longer supports. Please use an alternative web browser if you wish to play this game online.

This is my take on the classic Minesweeper game. The objective is to clear the minefield without revealing any mines, with a twist: there is depth added to the minefield!


Left Mouse Button: reveal cube, navigate menus

Right Mouse Button: rotate minefield

F: place/remove flag

Spacebar: reset minefield rotation

I have included a standalone player download and the source code download (Unity 5 is required) if you want them!

Note: there is currently only 1 difficulty level. I will be updating the game in the future with harder difficulties.


14/03/2016- Added 'medium' difficulty level. Added victory by flagging all of the mines. Added shading on cubes so that the further away they are, the darker they appear.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug that caused some numbers/mine objects to generate floating instead of attached to a cube face.

- Fixed the in-game instructions being disabled after the first game.

03/02/2016- Major overhaul of art direction and user interface. Changes to code in preparation for future updates.


MinesweeperCubed3.0Win.zip 44 MB
MinesweeperCubed3.0Source.zip 6 MB

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